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Finally, a program that enables any speech language pathologist or educator to provide services to their students via the web! Register now to begin your online or face-to-face experience with your student!

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Speak, Read, & Spell addresses articulation and phonemic awareness, literacy, and language development. The four areas of language highlighted in the program are grammar, pragmatics, sequencing, and vocabulary. It can be expanded for adult intervention to provide Accent Modification or to support English as an Additional Language (EAL) instruction. The program is therefore divided into four sections: Articulation, Language, Literacy, and Accent Modification.

Speak, Read, & Spell is accompanied with a series of workbooks, for delivery of service in situ (side by side with the learner) or by use of this e-learning platform; making Speak, Read, & Spell accessible to learners and instructors in practically any setting.

Luella Jonk, RSLP, PhD (IP)

Luella started her career in 1995 as a speech language pathologist after graduating from Missouri State University. After 10 years of clinical work she decided to further her studies and obtained a multi-disciplinary PhD, which focused on the field of Education.

While teaching and working in her private practice, Luella was able to see the need and advantages of e-learning to obtain students' speech and language goals. In response to the need of both students and educators, she created the Speak, Read, & Spell learning platform and book series.

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