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Independent Speech Language Pathologist

Can an individual speech language pathologist register, or do we need to be a school-based institution?

Any professional can register to use the platform for educational/therapy purposes.

Can I personalize this learning platform to reflect my own business?

Absolutely. you can download your logo to be displayed on the learning platform, within your reports, and invoices.

I work with adults only, and therefore only interested in the Accent Modification portion of the program. Can I subscribe to this only?

When you subscribe to the platform, you have access to all four components. However, you will soon see that your adult students love the games and materials!

School Division/District

I am a school-based clinician and I see the advantage of using this with my student caseload. Can teachers, EAs, or SLPAs' use this independently?

Absolutely. This is a great method of organizing both your caseload. Once you complete an assessment, you can store the results using the SRS assessment report. You can then choose what activities to upload to your student's profile or 'homework file'. From here your assistants can take over. Students have access 24/7. There is also a progress and attendance-tracking record as well, which means less work for you. Students will also have access to online vowel quizzes, grammar, and Dolch sight word tests.

I am an educator in a school and many of my students are EAL learners or simply require help in speech/language. Would this program help them?

An EAL learner would definitely benefit from accessing the stories and games to practice English pronunciation and well as grammatical rules.

Is it possible to supervise my SLPAs' sessions if my schools are remote?

Yes. The platform uses a webcam, therefore you can observe entire live sessions or just portions of the session. This proves to be a great way of fulfilling your SLPAs supervision requirements when travel does not allow you to be there physically.

Group / Organization

I am a speech language pathologist / educator that has a group of therapists/teachers in my company. Why is the monthly subscription more for my company than an Individual User?

Registering as a Group allows you to add multiple therapists and additional students. An Individual User subscription does not allow additional therapists.

The E-Learning Platform

Do we need to create our own content to begin service?

Nope. There are plenty of resources and materials to begin your treatment. For example, if your goal pertains to articulation, there are interactive games, articulation cards, sentences, and stories. Grammar, sequencing, literacy and phonemic awareness are just some of the other goal activities available. If you are specifically interested in accent modification, there are plenty of materials to challenge your learner.

Can I create / use my own homework documents, worksheets etc. to use within the platform?

Yes, that is the beauty of using this learning platform. You can store any electronic file or use your favourite website for treatment. Maximum file upload size is 10 MB.

How does an e-learning platform work?

An online learning platform is a sophisticated, highly organized and professional means of delivering service to your student/client, whether your student is remote or by your side. It also serves as a convenient means of storing your inventory of 'treatment' materials, as well your students' profile, personal assignments, progress scores, and assessment. The SRS online program will house all your students' file information. This includes their profile and assessment and progress reports, attendance, goals, and payments if applicable.

Does the audio (English dialect) used within the program reflect our needs? I am American.

We wanted to acknowledge that English has many dialects and the pronunciation of sounds within the platform will reflect this. The audio stored within the Program activities comes with two English accents to choose from: American and Canadian. British English coming soon!

How can we keep track and store student progress?

There is an online tracking system that allows you to track your students' responses for accuracy. This tracking can occur 'in real time' or can be entered after your session is completed. The tracking tool will automatically be shown in the user's window as part of the web conferencing system. Click here to view.

How does the student/client access their assignments?

Each student uses his or her assigned login name and password, once registered in the system. They can then log in to their assignments and complete from within the classroom or at home.

Can I use this program on my IPad?

SRS's games are built on flash and therefore cannot be supported by all mobile devices. It is best the student uses a laptop or desktop to log in to the platform.

Web Conferencing Tool

How is this better than just using Skype?

There are MANY advantages of using this system over Skype, but here are a few:
✓ professional branding of services
✓ storage and organization of client files
✓ quick and easy access of student assignments
✓ student engagement with interactive games and web applications, rather than boring pdfs
✓ live tracking tool that stores progress and provides the student with visual feedback
✓ ease of assigning your student homework to later complete with a parent, teacher, or educational assistant
✓ tracking attendance/student login frequency
✓ tracking meeting frequency

Is the system secure? Can I store confidential information within the system?

Yes. The system is secure. You can store confidential information such as program activities, score sheet and reports within the student's file.

Billing/Placing Orders

What is the cost of using this program?

Please go to I'm In, Sign Me Up button on the SRS Home Page for a complete pricing list.

How quickly do I have access to the program once registered?

The SRS platform can be accessed immediately once payment is received.

How can I buy the books? Is a digital download available?

You can order the books as printed matter or digital downloads under the Book Series button on the SRS Home Page.

Do I need to buy the whole series of books or can I order just one of the books?

You can order individually or in groups.

Do I need the books if I subscribe to the platform?

You do not need the books, but they are recommended. If you are a SRS subscribed user, a discount code will be sent to you by email as part of your subscription receipt.

System Requirements & Support

What are the minimum system requirements to use this platform?

• Users need a web browser capable of running Flash 11.2. To check the version of flash, visit Adobe's Flash Version Check page.
• To run the desktop sharing, the presenter (and only the presenter) needs to have a Java runtime. You can test that Java is    installed by visiting Java Test Page (there are download links on this page if you need to install Java).
• For bandwidth, we recommend 1 Mbits download and 0.5 Mbits upload speed. Users can test their actual bandwidth using    speedtest.net
• For hardware, we recommend a Dual-core CPU with at least 2GB of memory. Minimum Microsoft Windows XP or Mac OS X    10.6.

I don't have a lot of time. What is the learning curve to use this platform?

The platform is very user friendly. However, you will find both a comprehensive user manual and video tutorial available under the Support page. Email support is available 24/7.

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