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Accent Modification

The Accent Modification course starts with an assessment and moves into sound discrimination exercises, followed by word, sentence and story practice. The student is also educated on speech and voice parameters, and prosody of the English language.

Workbook Table of Content

Glide Section


Online - Stimulating a Sound

Click and drag the vowel to hear 20 different vowel-consonant combinations!

Story (Consonants)

Hear the target sound as it is read through a series of 4 story illustrations. Each story presents a social message.

Letter-Word Recognition

20 different images are displayed for each target sound within the initial, medial and final word positions, providing the learner with 60 different audio productions.


The word can be heard in a phrase...


or sentence, as your student progresses in their target sound productions!

Articulation Games

Using the Goose Hunting Game to target the /f/ sound in the initial position


Articulation Workbook

Within the Workbook, Literacy is taught through first pairing of the phoneme with the printed letter and not the image; the Articulation cards are displayed 'front-side' with only the printed word (segmented and then blended). On the backside of card, the image is displayed along with the printed word.

Online Vowel Story

Within the Learning Platform, Literacy can be targeted through 18 different illustrated vowel stories in which the target vowel sound is highlighted as the audio plays, in addition to the 24 consonant illustrated stories within the Articulation section of the SRS Program.

Literacy Workbook

Literacy is also taught within the Workbook through illustrated stories with the targeted sound underlined and highlighted.


B Story Pragmatics Guide

The Pragmatic Guide Questions challenge the student with common social situations typical of home and school life.

B Story Sequencing Guide

The Sequencing Guide Questions encourage the student to look at the four story illustrations and sequence parts of the story, target before and after concepts, as well as problem solving, comprehension, and the ability to predict.

B Story Vocabulary Guide

The Vocabulary Guide Questions encourage language stimulation and refer to the relative story images.

B Story Grammar Assessments

The Grammar Assessments display the 24 stories separately with 9 different English parts of speech highlighted. Note: These grammar variants are also contained within the SRS online program activities.

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